Lorraine Thorarinson Betts


December 3, 2012 - January 30, 2013.

The Oak Bay Marina restaurant is the venue for my art in the month of December, 2012 and January, 2013. 1327 Beach Drive, Oak Bay, BC. www.marinarestaurant.com/art-on-display/

(posted on 1 Dec 2012)

December 8- January 27, 2013

Massively Mini Art is an art show that features small two and three-dimensional artworks by local artists. Paintings, printmaking, fiber art, mixed media, drawing and sculpture will be on display. The artists of Massively Mini Art are: Lorraine Thorarinson Betts, Bonnie Coulter / Dallas Doubaitis / Maggie Cole / Rachel Evans / Nancy Dolan / Lorna Bergen / Jessica Hedberg / Stephanie Saleem / June Haynes / Jennifer Waelti-Walters / Beverly Petow / Detlef Grundmann / Chiarina Loggia / Matty Menzies / Mason Menzies / Angela Menzies / Susan Underwood / Helen Mason / Nicole Valentine Rimmer / Kathy and Selby Saluke / Will Gordon Kay Lovett / Vicki Postl / Bert Lambier / Jan Henry / Kathy Guthrie / Loralei Walker / Gladys Gonzalez / Liz Wells / Lorraine Douglas / Robert Chabot / Patrice Plank / Christine Allan /Jill M. Singleton / Tanta Pennington / Cheryl Taves / Ken Miner/Wendy Chartrand. The Metchosin Art Gallery is open Thursday to Sunday 12:00 – 5:00pm. www.metchosinartgallery.ca

(posted on 1 Dec 2012)

December 1 - 30, 2012

One of five artists chosen from the summer Art Brownie Rainbow project at the INDEXG Gallery to have a 10 piece show in the ART BROWNIE GALAXY 2012 exhibition in December. This international miniature art project and exhibition celebrates a constellation of ideas involving a work of art on a spruce wooden block measuring 2.5 inch square, 1.5 inch in height. INDEXG Gallery, 50 Gladstone Avenue, Toronto, Ontario. http://www.xpia10.com/artbrownie/shop/artists_more.asp?artist=Lorraine%20Thorarinson%20Betts

November 17 - January 8, 2013

The Small Works show at the Massy Gallery includes a broad and diverse cross-section of work by some of Victoria's most celebrated contemporary artists including watercolourists, oil and acrylic painters, printmakers and mixed media artists. Massey Gallery, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. http://www.aggv.ca

November 2 - 30, 2012

Artists of the Stinking Fish Studio Tour showing at the new Metchosin Art Gallery - the MAG - throughout November. The show will highlight works of various media from over 20 artists, including: pottery, contemporary mixed media paintings, landscapes in oil, nudes in acrylics, organic and recycled mosaics, metal sculpture, jewellery featuring lamp work beads and chain maille techniques, etchings and mono prints, wood-turned bowls, furniture and carved stone. The Stinking Fish Artists have been a cohesive group for over 12 years and are celebrating their diversity by coming together under one roof to share their work with the public that has supported them for so many years. Metchosin Art Gallery, 4495 Happy Valley Road. Hours Thursday to Sunday 12noon to 5pm. www.metchosinartgallery.ca.

October 23 - November 9, 2012.

A group show of abstracts - the AB FAB Show at the Red Art Gallery with Carolyn Kowalyk, Jan Henry and Alison Watt. 2033 Oak Bay Avenue. www.redartgallery.ca

(posted on 22 Sep 2012)

October 12 - 14, 2012.

Juried into the Sidney Fine Arts Show at the Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney, BC.


I had the pleasure of being on the jury for the "Visions of Victoria " art show at the Metchosin Art Gallery.

My fellow jurors were Fan Willis, founder of the Fran Willis Gallery, and Jeremy Herndl, art teacher at the Vancouver Island School of Art (VISA).

(posted on 14 Aug 2012)

July 28 - August 31, 2012. The ART BROWNIE project - small unique art pieces. A submission of mini canvases to the INDEXG Gallery, 50 Gladstone Avene, Toronto, Ontario. Shop ART BROWNIE at www.artbrownie.com/SHOP.

"Art Brownies 4", oil on wood

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